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"Caring for our Future"
classical music & technology for sustainable living.


A message from our partner
„The Global Marshall Plan“

A group of supporters of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative, among them the church of St. Katharinen Hamburg and the Global Contract Foundation/Stiftung Weltvertrag, organized a whole weekend with several discussion forums, a fair of local initiatives and business and amazing music from The United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. The participants as well as the visitors were impressed by the variety of commitments for a better future. Many were encouraged by the experience that they are not alone in fighting for a better world. This experience was therefore made the central theme of the concluding mass. Along with reports by the local press, the broadcasters RTL II and the NDR also reported about the event.

Co-Producers of the Initiative:
Stiftung Weltvertrag, Ms. Andrea von Lehmden, Zukunftsrat
Hauptkirche St.Katharinen, Mr. Pastor Frank Engelbrecht
Kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt (KDA), Ms. Waltraut Waidelich
Hamburger Zukunftsrat, Dr. Dirka Grießhaber
and the
United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Ruediger Schramm
Chris Schuepp, Unicef's "Young Poeple's Media Network"
Ruzanna Baghdasaryan, "Manana" Youth Educational-Cultural Center
as well as
Dr. Hartwig Westphalen , Rüdiger Voigt ,Sabine Stoeck, Guido Steinke,
Monika Gosch,
Karin Freifrau Voith von Voithenberg, Maria Rodriguez, Sabine Buck

Friday, 15th April 2005

Participants of the discussion groups
Themes like "Living our diversity!" . the cultural and religious challenge of the
"Global Marshall Plan Initiative"
Fritjof Finkbeiner, Global Marshall Plan Foundation
Bishop Maria Jepsen, Hamburg
Dr. Martin Bauschke, Worldethic Foundation
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sven Kalisch, Muenster University
Moderated by Kerstin von Stuermer, NDR 90,3

Members of the United World Philharmonic Ochestra
are playing
Johann Sebastian Bach, Concerto for two Violins, d-minor
Piotr Kwasny, Poland - Julius Bekesch, Germany
Violin I
Tuan Cuong Hoang, Vietnam - Raluca Stancel, Rumania
Violin II
Ludwig Dürichen, Germany - Charlotte Blumenberg, Germany,
Andreas Hilf, Germany - Jindriska Kopecka, Chechnya
Boram Lie South-Corea - Jozef Zarnecki, Poland
Cembalo, Solo-Piano

Ito Nobue, Japan
Soenke Schreiber, Germany, Christoph Müske, Germany
kindly supported again for this periode by
Prof. Wilfried Laatz
and the administration of the
Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra
Hamburg University State School of Music
Luebeck University State School of Music
Paul Hindemith Society Berlin

Live synchronised with a film produced on the music of the
Bach-Concerto - 2nd movement

proudly presenting our new partners
Chris Schuepp, co-ordinator
Unicef's Young People's Media Network

"Manana" Youth Educational-Cultural Centre
in Armenia

produced by
Moushegh Baghdazaryan (14)
Hovnan Baghdazaryan (9) and little Eva (2) on screen

"The Typewriter"
Our homage to all bureaucrats on this planet

Our special guests for this evening to create our

Hamburg Gospel Youth Choir

joyful performance with
classic gospels like
"Oh Happy Day"
"Got the whole world..."

Director: Volker Dymel
Immanuel Ayx, Max Bürkel, Sandra Carreia de Almeida,
Jasmin Dreyer, Miriam Förster, Sonja Fritsch, Ellen Grieser, Rene Hargens,
Julia Hillmann, Johanna Holst, Anne Koitmae, Anika Kukies, Volker Lübbers,
Lina Ohltmann, Antje Schmidt

supported by
Hamburg State School of Music

and by

Mr. Eggo Fuhrmann,
specialist for amplification
and acoustics in churches,
who created an excellent sound with his equipment for those performances

Let's get UNITED for a "Happy Ending"

swingin' and groovin'
a musical journey around the world

kindly supported by

Hamburg State Music Council

Bandleader: Nils Gessinger

Anke Fischer, vocal

Sebastian Albrecht, Altsaxophon
Sebastian Guhr, Altsax
Sebastian Scholz, Tenorsax
Tilman Ullrich, Tenorsax
Natascha Protze, Baritonsax

Leif Thomsen, Trumpet
Christian Keil, Trumpet
Jan Gospodinow. Trumpet
Lars Seniuk. Trumpet

Nils Nöhden, Trombone
Tom Lesmana, Trombone
Torben Seniuk, Trombone

Nikolaos Titokis, Piano
Jakob Dreyer, Bass
Philip Czarnecki, Guitar
Momme Boe, Drums

Saturday, 16th April 2005

Ito Nobue from Hokkaido/Japan performs a very touching
Franz Liszt's "Ricordanza"

followed by

Forum I
Matthias Lintl, Zukunftsrat Hamburg
Dr. Fred Luks, HWP Hamburg
Dr. Ulf Skirke, Wissenschaftsforum Hamburg e. V.
Moderation: Sabine Stoeck, Stiftung Weltvertrag

Forum II Sustainable energy
Thomas Effenberger, Vollkornbäckerei Hamburg
Sylvia Hansen, Umwelthaus am Schüberg
Dr. Mathias Petersen, Landesvorsitzender der SPD, Hamburg
Dr. Hartwig Westphalen, Sun Energy GmbH, Hamburg
moderated by Andrea von Lehmden, Stiftung Weltvertrag

ai . amnesty international
7 Wochen nur von hier
Fisch ahoi
Attac Hamburg
Büro Elbinsel
Eine Welt Netzwerk Hamburg e.V.
Umdenken . Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung HH e.V.
Open School 21 / Werkstatt 3
Project European Port Cities in Transition
Kampagne für saubere Kleidung
Oxfam Shop Hamburg
Peace Brigades International
Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald
S.O.F. Save our Future Umweltstiftung e.V.
Sun Energy GmbH
Terre de Femmes
Umwelthaus am Schüberg
Oikocredit Förderkreis Norddeutschland
Gepa / Rathauspassage
Green Cotton
Windenergie Bundesverband e.V.

Grateful thanks to all the volunteers who gave so much support for a successful week-end

Thank you to
Cäcilie Diekmann, Ada Knappek, Ivy Lohff, Ulf Grüner, Florian Luther, Björn Richter, Thomas Heim, Christa Szallies, Antje Willenbrock, Hildegard Tevs,
Mr. and Mrs. Behrmann,
Hans-Günter and Marie-Luise Caspar, Peter Jäger, Sigrid Kumbernuss,
Mr. and Ms. Kellner, Sylvia Menz, Ms. Lappöhn, Heinz Baron and Artur Pritzko

Boram Lie gives a brilliant rendition playing "Vocalise" a piece of
Serge Rachmaninov

Ito Nobue accompanies on piano

Forum III:
Fair Play for manufactured clothing
Dr. Gisela Burckhardt, Campaign for sustainable clothing, TERRES DES FEMMES,
Dr. Johannes Merck, OTTO-Versand
Michael Schwaegerl, Jebsen und Jessen Textil Hamburg
Moderated by Guido Steinke, Stiftung Weltvertrag

Ruediger Schramm introduces the extraordinary talented Piotr Kwasny from Poland
playing Franz Schubert's (principal violin from Dresden Philharmonic 1808 - 1878) the "Bee"
Ito Nobue from Japan on piano

Little excursion to the Church's Tower

Sustainable Fashion Show

Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters
Video Data
Novotex Green-Cotton
Yamaha Pianos
Landhaus Scherrer (Heinz Wehmann)
Effenberger Vollkornbäckerei, Thomas Effenberger, Rutschbahn 18, 20146 Hamburg, Tel. 040 45 54 45
Grell Naturkost
Voelkel Biosäfte
Lebensbaum Tea & Coffee
Champagne Fleury
Bio-Fleischerei Fricke
Hotel Madison
Herford Elektrotechnik
Gröninger (Bistro Tables )
Der Spiegel (dishes)
Katharinen-Schule (Tables Overheadprojector)

Sunday, 17th April 2005

Traditional Mass
Referent Dr. Ulrike Murmann
Referent Frank Engelbrecht