City of Hamburg

B.A.U.M. in concert - Impressing prelude to the 20th anniversary of B.A.U.M.

The applauses made the venerable building of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in the evening of 12th May trembling. The piano virtuoso Victor v. Monteton, soloist and ambassador of the UN Youth Orchestra, had just wonderfully played three songs of Schubert arranged by Liszt for piano. Monteton was the glittering highlight of the very successful B.A.U.M. anniversary which had skilfully brought together ecology and music, information and culture.

Victor v. Monteton after his performance

The guests enjoyed the varied program.

From left to right: Rüdiger Schramm, executive producer of the UN Youth Orchestra; the young extraordinary talented artist Victor Count of Dijon of Monteton; Dr. Herlind Gundelach, City of Hamburg, environmental privy council; Marie-Luise Marjan, actress; Barbara Rütting, actress, author and politician; Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege, Chief Executive Officer B.A.U.M.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of B.A.U.M. and the presentation of the World Future Council, B.A.U.M. and the World Future Council had invited many special guests to this outstanding event.

Professor Maximilian Gege, founder and CEO of B.A.U.M. and Vice-President of the World Future Council opened the evening with a review on the past 20 years in which B.A.U.M. had become the European business communities largest environmental initiative. With quotations, amusing stories and anecdotes of important artists he then led over to the music.

Jakob von Uexkuell, Initiator and President of the World Future Council and founder of Right Livelihood Award, presented the World Future Council as a committee, which tasks is to address future problems and above all to develop solutions.

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege Jakob von Uexküll

B.A.U.M. has successfully helped to initiate World Future Council and establish its General Secretariat in Hamburg in the "HOUSE OF THE FUTURE".

The evening ended with a culinary highlight. The Restaurant La Prego, Mr. J. Singh and the "einfal GmbH" as well as the "Gebiets-Winzergenossenschaft Franken" had contributed to a large buffet.

Time for fingerfood and conversations

By combining environmental management and culture B.A.U.M. has done something new.

The concert evening on 12th May was the prelude of many interesting events throughout the whole year, honouring the 20th anniversary of B.A.U.M.

We were delighted to contribute and participate in this special occassion of B.A.U.M.!

Thank you for being associated and thank you for a good co-operation since many years. Congratulations to its 20th anniversary and warm wishes for your future development and continued success for Professor Gege and his wonderful staff.