City of Hamburg

20th anniversary of


Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

celebrations from 29th September to 1st October 2004

Welcome to Hamburg

Prof. Niklas Schmidt kindly committed himself to a little "chamber music masterclass" coaching the Bach Concerto for two violins

kindly supported by the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra, which is celebrating its 175th birthday

our "United World" Members

Germany - Julius Bekisch, Violin

Italy - Ludovica Nardone, Violin

Romania - Bogdan Dumitrescu, Violin

South-Korea - Ee-Na Shin, Violin

South-Korea - Sue Hyung Moon, Violin

Germany - Anne Thormann, Viola

USA - Elisabeth Means, Cello

USA - Andrea Papo, Double Bass

Germany Siegfried Schreiber, Percussion

Germany - Dirk Iwen, Percussion

B.A.U.M. Award Winner 2004
welcomed by Senator Dr. Michael Freytag


Dr. Wolfgang Meyer-AntholzAirbus Deutschland GmbH
Florian NehmAxel Springer Verlag AG

Klein- und Mittelständische Unternehmen (KMU)

Dr. Manfred KohlhaseWELEDA AG
Axel SchmidtAxel Springer Verlag AG
Ulrich WalterU. Walter GmbH LEBENSBAUM


Dr. Franz Alt


Professor Dieter BerndtTechnische Fachhochschule Berlin (TFH)
Professor Dr. Berndt HeydemannNieklitzer Ökologie- und Ökotechno-logische-Stiftung (NICOL)
Hartmut Poppe

Sonderpreis international

Jostein GaarderSofie-Stiftelsen
Professor Heinz SielmannHeinz Sielmann Stiftung

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Special guests congratulated

Dr. Fritz BrickweddeProf. Andreas TrogeProf. Dr. Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Bach Double Concerto for two violins as a kiss from heaven

Prof. Dr. E. U. von Weizsäcker, Professor Dr. M. Gege, Dr. G. Winter, Dr. V. Hauff, Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Thanks to our partners and

Our "Typewriter" is dedicated to all bureaucrats on this planet

Dr. Angelika Zahrnt BUND, Dr Claus Hipp HiPP, Professor Dr. Maximilian Gege BAUM, Rüdiger Schramm, Martin Oldeland

Promoting organic food in a cooking demonstration..!

Monika Griefahn, Dr. Angelika Zahrnt, Ulrich Walter, Ruediger Schramm; Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege, Dr Franz Alt, Carsten Girlich, Dr. Georg Winter, Tino Schmidt

The session ended with an organic culinary highlight at the historical Restaurant „Ratsweinkeller" at the Hamburg Town Hall

Thank you for the excellent service and cooperation!

for technical and multimedia support

Saturday, 2nd Ocotber -

The "after-show 60th anniversary birthday party"

of Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege

tuning surrounded by the beautiful skyline of Hamburg

Rüdiger Schramm presenting our "angel" Julie Sgarro from France. ..slowing down the haste on this planet with a prélude by Claude Debussy

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege welcomes his great family, his friends and his partners reflecting on long-term and ongoing relationships