"Caring for our Future"

is a universal campaign which has made its task the conservation of natural resources for future generations. It transcends institutional, organizational, political and social barriers, for it concerns the valuable cultural heritage of past generations.



Young people make up nearly one-third of the world´s population, and they need a voice in determining their own future. It is absolutely vital that young people share in taking political decisions concerning the environment and future development, for only this can secure the longterm realisation of the Agenda.


Millennium tree planting


We ourselves must be the change that we want to see in the future.
(Mahatma Gandhi)


In 1992, the Environmental Organisation of the United Nations set down the "Agenda 21" in Rio de Janeiro, the aims of which are to establish longterm measures to safeguard our natural resources, economic stability and social justice. Education, the development of awareness, and belief in the longterm aspect of the three maxims of "Agenda 21" have also been adopted by the campaign "Caring for our Future".

Millennium tree planting


The active presence of an international youth orchestra helps to break down the abstraction and anonymity of environmental problems.


It is the target of the orchestra to do its utmost

  • to support the aims of the United Nations
  • to encourage individuals to always take decisions which will have a positive influence on our lives and our future
  • to involve behavioural scientific research so that we may understand ourselves and others better
  • to further the latest developments in communication and environmental technology.

Music is therapy for

  • a renewal of a balance between body and soul
  • support and stimulation of communication
  • an improvement of socially responsible, self conscious behaviour
  • common experimenting of new methods
  • common search and reviving of resources
  • increased trust in taking note and expressions of emotions in order to place them in a new context