The United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

Commendations sent from renowned people


I am very satisfied, as am man of 81, and reassured that all members of the orchestra from all over the world are showing such a sense of responsibility and dedication, and working with their music and their heart for a better environment, for a better future, for the future of their children....
Lord Menuhin (see full interview)

.....this concept deserves respect and support....
Prof. Dr. h.c. Dieter Stolte, Intendant ZDF (SECOND GERMAN TELEVISION)

I would like to inform you that following the success of the concert held during the 5th Climate Change Conference in Bonn by the United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the United Nations Environment Programme is happy to support this endeavour.

Postman quote

I commend you once again for your commitment to raise awareness on environmental matters and assure you of my readyness to work with you in the future.

.... I would like to let you know that I am interested in this project and to perform concerts of the highest level....
Riccardo Chailly, Chief Conductor Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

I am most enthusiastic about the idea....
Events such as this are necessary to save the future of our grandchildren and generations beyond. I am happy to be personally committed.
Zubin Mehta, Principal Conductor Bavarian State Opera and Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

It sounds worthwhile and very interesting. Maybe I can connect with you in the future...
Neil Postman, Professor for Media, New York University

I am particulary pleased to learn about interest in involving the talents of young musicians in your project. Certainly, your project would take an important step in encouraging others to become more environmentally conscious. You deserve to be commended for your efforts in this area.
Al Gore, Vice President, USA

" the United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra with many thanks and all good wishes!
Your initiative deserves every recognition and full support. 'Caring for our future' that is also our goal."
Hans Küng, President of the "Global Ethic Foundation"

A message from Ms. Joy Bryer:
As president of the World Federation Of Youth Orchestras, founder of the Aberdeen International Festival Of Youth Orchestras and the Performing Arts as well as founder of the European Union Youth Orchestra and the "mother" of thousands of young musicians throughout the world, I am delighted to have been given the opportunitiy to make a passionate plea to the politicians of this world to fight on behalf of the world's future by improving our ever declining environment.
I had always supposed that nature and the environment would be permanently there for my children and their children - it never occurred to me that it all could go. Human beings are destroying the environment in which our young people need an active voice.
We stand on the dawn of the first global millennium. It can be a great moment, it can be a great catastrophe, and we can muddle through. The choice is ours. It is imperative that as we go into the new millennium the people of this planet strive to influence world leaders and our United Nations to take this problem extremely seriously so that our future inhabitants can enjoy fundamental improvements in our environment with a more secure and pleasant existence for all our future generations.
Ms. Joy Bryer