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Rüdiger Schramm
Rüdiger Schramm,
Who is this Mr. Schramm?

The Artist Network Company is producing on behalf of The United World Philharmonic Foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to support the activities of the orchestra.

Board of Chairmen:

Maritta von Bieberstein Koch-WeserMaritta von Bieberstein Koch-Weser

President of "Earth3000"
The Centennial-Group

Head, Social and Environmental Practice

Michael Williams (UN-Convention Unit, UNEP European Office)     
Michael Williams

Monika Griefahn
, MdB (Member of the Federal German Parliament)
Head of the German Federal Commission for "Culture and Media") her Monika Griefahnpersonal note: Culture and environmental matters have a great deal in common. Both are often pushed into the background when business interests are concerned. And how fantastic it is when the protection of both the climate and the environment is brought into the limelight by means of music, a "Symphony of the Future", music which awakens the senses. I am convinced that viewers will be filled with enthusiasm and inspired by the idea of bringing culture together with the environment.

Dr. Hermann Scheer, MdB (Member of the Federal German Parliament, Dr. Hermann ScheerPresident of "Eurosolar e.V.", Alternative Nobel-Prize-Winner for Solar-Energy)   

The United World Philharmonic Foundation
Account number: 380 65 10, Commerzbank Hamburg, BLZ: 200 400 00
The Foundation is in Hamburg registered under Number 17/01856

Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885) The Poor Poet (1839), Copyright Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen,
Neue Pinakothek

"We don’t need to conserve money, we need to conserve nature. Let us change our life to harmonise with nature or the planet will change the nature of our lifes!"

The project is overseen by

Achim Steiner, Executive Director
Public Information Office:
Eric Falt, Director of Communications and Public Information/Spokesperson
PO Box 30552
Nairobi, Kenya
tel: +2542 0 623292, fax: +2542 0 623927
e-mail: eric.falt(at)

and UN Convention Unit , Michael Williams, e-mail: Michael.Williams(at)

under development: United World Philharmonic Foundation, Inc. New York
att. Enno W. Ercklentz jun., 630 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1905, New York, N.Y. 100111
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