"Caring for our Future"
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"classical music & technology for sustainable living"

for our Future"
Friday, 12thApril 2002 invitation only...
for friends and supporters of the Orchestra

15.00 hours

Orchestra rehearsal with Prof. Wilfried Laatz

musical wisdom transferred in rehearsal by Prof. Wilfried Laatz

18.00 - 19.30 hours

Skanube Youth Choire from Latvia

Latvia Youth Choire 'Skanube' as our special guests

followed by a discussion with
themes around sustainable and cultural development

Volker Angres, Head of ZDF-Environmental Department
Volker Angres - Head "Second German Television" ZDF-Environmental Department

Elisabeth von Thadden, 'Die Zeit' a national newspaper
Angela Grosse - Journalist "Hamburger Abendblatt" Science

Discussion-round with Angela Grosse, MdB Dr. Hermann Scheer
MdB Dr. Hermann Scheer
- Alternative Nobel-Prize-Winner for Solar-Energy,
President of "World Council for Renewable Energy" and "Eurosolar",
Chairman "United World Philhamonic Foundation"
Elisabeth von Thadden - Journalist, "Die Zeit"- Literature

Rüdiger Schramm, Volker Angres, Heikedine Körting-Beurmann, Victor von Monteton, Ernst-Ulrich Schassberger, Orchestra, VIP's and solar-products of our partners Suntechnics, Elco-Klöckner, Thyssen-Bausysteme

19.30- 20.00 hours

- organic cocktail and finger food -

Rüdiger Schramm, Volker Angres, Heikedine Körting-Beurmann, Victor von Monteton, Ernst-Ulrich Schassberger

20.00 - 20.45 hours

Members of the
"United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra"

Concert for Piano No1 - Ludwig van Beethoven/arr. Lachner
Soloist and conducted by
Victor Emanuel von Monteton

United World Violins  Amazing performance of Beethoven Concerto No1 by Victor and the Orchestra  We made it UNITED - Antje & Victor -Thank you!

Vl I
Antje Stengel
Nonna Parfenow
Beatrice Pavlicenko


Julia Vasilevskaya
Irene Grünwald

Jan Larsen
Daniel Jerzewski

Jule Hinrichsen

Olaf Scharper

Prof. Andreas Beurmann
speaks about his exhibition of old grand pianos and cembali
Prof. Beurmann introduces his cultural treasure - pianos and cembali from past centuries

"African Welcome" - Michael Udow conducted by
Malte Kroidl

I want you to sing together the "African Welcome" Malte Kroidl trains the audience - "come on and sing African Welcome!"
Malte dancing  Yeah!

Sönke Schreiber
Charlotte Andersen
Tobias Hartmann
Mareike Eidemüller
Johann Chang
Thomas Arp and Wlasta Wolterova as special guest

African Welcome

20.45 hours
Ernst-Ulrich Schassberger, President of EUROTOQUES-Germany speaks about the international initiative and the new partnership with the orchestra and

Ernst Ulirch Schassberger and Heinz Wehmann are celebrating delicious tasteful and healthy organic food for Alexander Porschke and other VIP´s

EUROTOQUES-Member Heinz Wehmann of "Landhaus Scherrer" cooks for audiences

Montetons and Dr.Scott from Nigeria  Heinz Wehmann and a charming lady having fun

22.00 hours

"Impact" featuring

the new to be founded
United World Philharmonic Jazz Band

Jazz Band

Melf Hollmer -Trumpet/Horn
Ralph Reichert - Tenor - and Soprano-Saxophone
Boris Netsvetaev - Piano, Composer
Philipp Steen - Bass
Kai Bussenius - Drums

Our excellent service, wonderful cooks, orchestra and friends - UNITED!

Thanks to our excellent service
Hans-Jörg Wischnewski
Eberhard Sommerfeld
Rico Kadri
Josef Dombek
Phillip Liebig
Hanna Rüß
Ernina Schachinger
Katrin Reiff

Andrea Beardi
Sonja Bayerl

and special thanks to
Christina Thorsen and Wilhelm H. Pretzel

None of all these wonderful participants
including the service staff have got any fees for the job tonight

Thank you to all supporters for this production:

United World Philharmonic Foundation
Eurosolar/World Council for Renewable Energy

"Arthur Andersen" Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

organic food and beverage

Restaurant "Landhaus Scherrer"
Grell Organic Food
Pro Event Banquet Service GmbH
"Kampen" dishes rental

solar technology partners

Elco Klöckner,
Thyssen Bausysteme,

Park Hyatt Hotel Hamburg
Hamburg Digigatldruck,

Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Hamburg,
Steinway & Sons
Eggers Piano Transport phone 040 490 48 08

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